M&A – The Legal Angle

M&A - The Legal Angle The solution and problem in a merger or acquisition is regulatory in nature. In all cross-border deals, there is no go-around to regulations. Laws are enacted to essential protect life and property of its citizens. Therefore, it...

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Why M&As Go Wrong

Acquisitions that are rushed can result in problems and challenges after closing in a transaction: Some of the reasons why M&As go wrong are:   1. Assumption Asymmetry Leaders and owners may over value a target by making assumptions including...

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8 Steps to Preparing your Company for a Liquidity Event

This is usually an exciting and most looked forward to event in the business cycle. For some it means injection of new growth capital, for others it means cashing out their multi-million dollar exits. While it is certainly an event to look forward to, it is also something that should be planned towards.

Here are 8 steps that…

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Trend of Trends

There are many trends around the world but I believe that most trends center around one key trend. In the past 10 years, what was this key trend that drove the economy and reaped in billions of dollars in revenue? There are some buzzwords; E-commerce, cloud computing,...

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