2iB continues to play an active role in advising on the various business ecosystems and how different sectors can engage with each other seamlessly.

As part of the panel of experts, Mr. Yang Yen Thaw, Managing Director of 2iB Partners will be speaking at the Fintech For Health Conference on “Accelerating innovation: Partnerships and regulatory frameworks for the integration of fintech and health tech” as part of a 30 minute panel discussion with veteran lawyers on regulatory frameworks.



Fintech for Health is a high level conference exploring key opportunities at the intersection of fintech and health tech. We are bringing together people and partners from across sectors to envision healthcare of the future— one that is patient centered, high quality, affordable, and accessible. We will explore how the integration of fintech with digital health technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, can result in improved healthcare access and quality, across resource poor to resource rich settings.

Hear from experts on real world health systems challenges and the innovative approaches that companies and governments are using to tackle them. Explore the role of deep technology in making health financing more secure and efficient. Meet like minded individuals and organizations across industry, development, and government who are committed to outcomes and impact.


Registrations open at http://fintechforhealth.com/

For partnerships, speaker and general business enquiries with 2iB Partners:

Contact Person Dylan Tan
Designation COO
Email Dylan@2ibpartners.com


Is having a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program just a cost to your company?

Is having a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program just a cost to your company?

Developing great companies that give back is more about devising a clear Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) program aligned with the company’s goals and values rather than forcefully integrating CSR with their business strategies and goals. Instead of passing it off as a short term marketing gimmick, CSR should be seen as a long term investment strategy.

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