2 Day Workshop

Singapore's Secrets to Business Success

The key drivers to take your business to the next level – the Singapore way.

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Singapore’s Secrets to Business Success is a 2 day workshop conducted in your country and venue of choice to help your management & staff understand Singapore’s best practices, systems and processes to implement in your business. 

The course is developed by 2iB Partner’s collective years of experience internationally and brings you the best of Singapore secrets to business success which are key drivers to helping your business grow to the next level. 

How is it conducted?

The 2 day workshops are done as corporate runs conducted for a single company in their preferred location and venue. 

Who is it for?

This is a distilled course for business owners, management, heads of departments and key decision makers in a business.


Learning Outcomes

1. Compare current processes with Singapore

2. Implement SG Inc processes

3. Understand Singapore best practices

4. T-shaped professionals

5. Understand 2iB C14 Competency Framework

6. CoAggregation


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A Word

From Our Master Trainer

” This 2 day course contains the essential practices, systems and processes needed for a company to fast track its growth and jump to the next level. The course tracks Singapore’s growth and combines the many years of experience of the 2iB Partners Team.  “

– Yang Yen Thaw

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