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At 2iB Partners, we identify your problems (some which you may not know) and solve them. We are entrepreneurs at heart and believe in a practical approach. We identify problems, come up with innovative ways to solve them and execute the implementation process. Our ability to innovate solutions is fueled by our varied, wide and deep collection of experience from finance, management, legal, tech, human resource etc, stemming from a diverse range of industries.

All of our partners & professionals have had global experience and are thus able to approach issues and come up with strategies that are globally adaptive. Our difference lies in our people-centric approach where we are seated at the same side of the table.

Our selected and curated network of deeply experienced partners and professionals aggregate together to provide a full range of services to transform a client in the truest sense.




  • Starting up & Scaling up
    • Corporatization, technology applications and operations
    • Scaling up, services from start up to IPOs and post-IPO services
    • Introducing networks and partners
  • Internationalization
    • Expanding beyond your shores, directly or indirectly
    • Structure and entity identification (partnerships or direct presence)
    • International market access & expansion
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Deal identification, sourcing and expectation management, negotiations, trade sales
    • Full hard and soft due diligence
    • Term sheet to definitive documentation, pre-integration to post-integration
  • Business Operations
    • Investments, business process re-engineering, corporate structuring & restructuring
    • AHE (ad-hoc entrenchment program – experienced in-house counsel, finance, HR, change management, etc.)
    • Revenue generation, business decisions and risk advisory
  • Alliances & Advisory
    • Identifying and introducing relevant partners
    • Business & strategic alliances, joint ventures, licensing / franchising, trading
    • All advisory and consultancy services, marketing & PR


  • CoAggregation®

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