Ad-Hoc Entrenchment (AHE) Programme

The 2iB AHE Programme entrenches an elite team that temporarily embeds into your company to help businesses solve critical issues and access more opportunities. We analyze and take on a cross-sectional view on your company thereby advising & aiding implementation in strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability. 

2RM Framework & Methodology

Business Risk & Readiness

The 2RM Framework & Methodology is a proprietary methodused by 2iB Partners to assess the mechanics of the business and thereby provide solutions.

The 2RM is based off 5 pillars: 

1. Cost Ready

2. Culture & Country Ready

3. Technology Ready

4. Compliance & Contract Ready

5. Investor Ready



Future Ready


Future Ready

AHE Team Structure


Our partners possess more than 25 years of deep industry experience and come from a different industries from private equity, legal, retail and construction. Our partner-level consultants form the brain to generate solutions that work.

02. Engagement Manager

Our engagement managers will be the main contact point with our clients and will be leading the project. Our engagement manager will aid in analyzing and cross-sectioning the business, isolating problem areas and brainstorming solutions with the team.

03. Associate

Our associates are whizzes that do the research and work in teams led by the partner and engagement manager to brainstorm for innovative solutions for issues that your companies face. They are the main data analysis backbone of 2iB AHE Programme.


What We Do Best


Technology, Media, Telecommunications

Infrastructure, Construction & Building Products

Corporate Services and solution providers

Private Equity & venture capital

Consumer products & Manufacturing




Dylan Tan


Dylan Tan is the Chief Operating Officer of 2iB Partners and is one of the leading engagement managers.

Email: Dylan@2ibpartners.com


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