Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) – Potholes and Processes Masterclass

Course Code: C14-G-03-01.V1

Duration: 8 Hours

Full day M&A masterclass for experienced professionals and business owners that focuses on the practical considerations in the M&A process.

Course introduction

The success of any business lies in having the right strategy complemented with appropriate structuring and documentation. The latter two becomes additionally important if you are intending on pursuing a merger or an acquisition whether as an exit or a growth strategy. This is usually an exciting and most looked forward to event in the business cycle. For some it means inorganic growth, for others it means cashing out their multi-million dollar exits. While it is certainly an event to look forward to, it is also something that should be planned towards.

This full day course aims to enrich management staff with the insights to planning for a successful M&A transaction.



  1. Critically evaluate the difference between a merger and an acquisition
  2. Understand the 9 step M&A process (2iB M&A 9 yards)
  3. Implement Due-Diligence process
  4. Relate to the types of definitive documentation and why they are there
  5. Analyze the types of exits/purchases
  6. Understand how to safeguard shareholder interests in the transaction
  7. Manage post-merger planning


There is no assessment for this masterclass.

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