Managing Digital Transformation In An Organization

Course Code: C14-TP-02-01

Duration: 16 Hours

This 2 day course aims to better equip managers, decision makers and business owners in managing digital transformation in organizations through change management models and 2iB’s Digital Transformation Framework. 

Course Introduction


Digital transformation plays a crucial and disruptive role in our current age. However, planning & managing the transition can be a daunting task with potential potholes and requires a deep understanding and stuctured framework to smoothen the transition and adoption.

The first part of the workshop brings learners through factors that inhibit and cause digital transformation plans to fail. It also covers application of change management models such as Kotter’s 8 Step Change model and Kübler-Ross’ Change Curve with application to the digital context.

The second half of the workshop talks about key drivers of achieving digital success, dissection of areas for consideration in a digital transformation plan and application of 2iB’s Digital Transformation Framework, an in-house methodology used by the 2iB team.


Course Objectives

  • To better equip managers, department heads, decision makers and leaders in an organization to relate to the importance of applying technology in an organization.
  • To emphasize on the importance of re-designing, re-allocating, re-skilling and up-skilling of existing employees instead of displacement in the face of technological advances
  • To provide structure to management digital transformational plan using 2iB Digital Transformation Framework
  • To equip learners with skills to conduct a brief training needs analysis with regards to the 2iB Digital Transformation Framework 
  • Allow learners to understand stakeholder management in the context of digital transformation in the workplace.

This course is a generic one and can be contextualized towards industry, company or organizational standard operating procedures.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The 3D Definition: Understand Digitization (D1) vs Digitalization (D2) vs Digital Transformation (D3)
  2. Understand the Importance of technology in the workplace (D1)
  3. Relate to the types of resistance in the organization (D2 & D3)
  4. Apply Change Management Models to the Digital Context
  5. Examine Digital Transformation
  6. Manage Internal Aspects of Digital Transformation
  7. Understand and Managing External expectations
  8. Apply Change Management Models to the Digital Context
  9. Analyze Factors for Digital Success
  10. Devise a plan using 2iB Digital Transformation Framework


There will be a 1 hour assessment for each learner, comprising of a written assessment (45mins) and an oral questioning (15mins). Upon successful completion of the assessment, participants will obtain a Certificate in Managing Digital Transformation In An Organization, awarded by 2iB Partners. 

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