Yang Yen Thaw

Managing Director

Professional with more than 24 years of global experience in Legal, Investments, Financial services and Management. Yen Thaw’s experience includes working with Multi-national Corporations, SMEs, young startups and matured financial service organizations across multi jurisdictions.

About Yen Thaw

Yang Yen Thaw brings with him a rich experience in terms of his legal training and management experience. A lawyer by training for over 24 years, he is an innovative thinker and brings with him a valuable network of tech experts and outsourcing service providers. He loves collaborations and has co-founded the idea of CoAggregation.

He has listed company and private equity experience and served as an Executive Director and General Counsel to a listed UK plc. His management experience comes from being a Partner in one of the largest Singapore law firms representing an international law firm as well as head of its corporate technology practice, Head of South Asia Practice in a unique China-Singapore joint law venture, Partner in a PE/VC focused law firm. Prior to all these, founded his own law firm which he ran for 12 years. In 2000, he devised and implemented YLRM – Yang Legal Risk Management, an internal legal compliance program for companies that in the present era is being implemented by digitization by the industry.

Yen Thaw has assisted international SMEs and MNCs in difficult environments in a wide range of businesses covering investments, technology, infrastructure; marketing; hospitality – hotel and tourism, healthcare; media and entertainment to consumer oriented products. He has also worked on international M&As, RTOs and roll-up combinations in countries including Australia, China, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA and most South East Asian countries.

He studies cultures and technology with a passion. He has delivered key note speeches and has been panel moderator on investment and doing cross-border business in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India on behalf of various organizations such as the Indian Embassy in China, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), UK private wealth organization etc.



University Law College

Bachelor in Academic Law, Bachelor of Law



  • Global Strategy
  • Technology
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • GTM Strategy
  • Investments
  • Capital Raising
  • Legal



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