Singapore Secrets to Business Success

A 2 Day Workshop to help you transform your business with Singapore’s best practices, systems and processes. Developed by the 2iB Partners Team.

2018 Silk Road Summit - China, Zhang Jia Jie

Singapore's Secrets to Business Success

A 2 Day Workshop to help you transform your business with Singapore’s best practices, systems and processes. Developed by the 2iB Partners Team.

2iB's Yang Yen Thaw on Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) - The Legal Angle



M&A – The Legal Angle

M&A – The Legal Angle

M&A - The Legal Angle The solution and problem in a merger or acquisition is regulatory in nature. In all cross-border deals, there is no go-around to regulations. Laws are enacted to essential protect life and property of its citizens. Therefore, it...

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Why M&As Go Wrong

Why M&As Go Wrong

Acquisitions that are rushed can result in problems and challenges after closing in a transaction: Some of the reasons why M&As go wrong are:   1. Assumption Asymmetry Leaders and owners may over value a target by making assumptions including...

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8 Points to consider for an IPO

8 Points to consider for an IPO

In the previous parts, for Preparing your Company for a Liquidity Event, we covered: 8 Preparatory Steps 8 Considerations 8 Legal Points For the last installment of the series, we’d like to touch on a little on the supposed “holy grail” of companies – the...

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Some of the clients our team members have serviced

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Our Channel Partners



Interesting, informative and professional presentation

Rebecca Kool

Group General Counsel, OM Materials (S) Pte Ltd (Part of the OMH Group ASX:OMH)

Dylan is very knowledgeable in the M&A space. He is an entrepreneur who sees the opportunities in businesses and is able to create value with the people he meets.
Lionel Lim

Managing Director, Addiction Advertising

It was a pleasure having worked with Yen Thaw on a few deals over last 3 years. A meticulous, self driven, knowledgeable and on top of every step of deal origination to closing. His networks speak for his credibility and his attention to detail is commendable!
Abisham Bali

Director, Taurus Family Office

Dylan is Intelligent and Diligent young Man who has the drive to become a very successful entrepreneur. I highly recommend him and wish him successful career.
Dennis Mehta (United States)

Senior Managing Partner, Board Member, Charter Member, Bucks Ventures LLC, America Networks, PKG Ventures, Solaris Energy, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE)

Yen Thaw carries with him a wealth of experience in cross border transactions. His work in the areas of private equity and funds is an additional capability to our Indian Practice
Aloysius Wee

Managing Partner/Chairman, Aquinas Law Alliance LLP/ASEAN Legal Alliance

Yen Thaw is a very experience lawyer and also one of a few lawyers who have both Indian, Singapore and Chinese background. He has a deep understanding of the client’s needs and advised many clients in their cross border transactions in the Asia Pacific region.
Nancy Sun

Senior Partner, Dentons Shanghai

Dylan is at the leading edge of the entrepreneurship journey. He has opened up extraordinary opportunities for me. I highly recommend him to you
Jerome Hartigan

Business and Executive Coach, Investor, Speaker, Capital Event Partners, Personalized Business Coaching (New Zealand)

Yen Thaw is highly detail oriented with an excellent mind, he captures the big picture quickly and then starts working on the nitty gritty details. My experience has been that he is able to create / enhance value in his client business operations. I have enjoyed working with him and find him to be extremely approachable and committed to his clients.
Anand Awasthi

CEO, Avhan Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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