• January 25, 2018 - January 27, 2018
    5:00 pm - 2:00 am

What it’s about

The Practical Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Playbook is a 2 day intensive and interactive programme that focuses on practical learning points which we impart from our personal experience. Our examples and case studies do not simply cover a single jurisdiction but with special focus on Singapore, Australia, United States, India, United Kingdom, New Zealand. We will also look at the acquisition of different company structures in different jurisdictions and how this affects your process, strategy and implementation.


Who it’s for

The workshop assumes basic knowledge in business and M&A and is tailored for business owners, key decision makers, investors.


Workshop coverage and schedule



1.    Different Structures & When To Use Them

·       Joint ventures

·       Partnerships

·       Alliances

·       Network coalitions

·       Mergers

·       Acquisitions

2.    Strategy and Intent

·       Leadership & brand

·       Company brand vs individual brand

·       M&A – The wrong intent & strategy

·       M&A – Completing the customer journey

·       60% of M&A are abysmal failures



3.    Different Ways Of Structuring Acquisitions

·       Buying a business vs buying a company

·       Buying in parts

·       Bolt-on acquisitions

·       Purchasing different company structures

·       Using of SPVs in acquisitions

·       Allotment of shares

·       Mortgaging your shares & what could go wrong

·       Why you should avoid mezzanine funding

·       Using shares to purchase a company –Private

·       Purchasing a subsidiary of a public company

·       Purchasing as a public company

·       Using shares to purchase a company –Public

·       Divestments of public companies

4.    Cross-Border M&A –  Part 1

·       What is cross border M&A and key areas of note

·       United States

·       United Kingdom

·       Singapore

·       Hong Kong

·       France

·       Thailand

·       Indonesia

·       India

·       Australia


5.    Cross-Border M&A –  Part 2

·       Covers the remaining portions


6.    DD & Paper warfare –pre-lunch

·       Business

·       Financial

·       Technical

·       Legal

·       The legal DD

·       Multi-layered ownership structure

·       Why you should do DD

·       Scanning the shareholders agreement & AoA

·       Contracts used in acquisitions

·       Key areas of focus and clauses to note

·       NDAs & why you should not ditch them

·       SPA – is a 70 page agreement a waste of paper?

·       What is Completion?

·       Why completion should be taken seriously


*those in bold will definitely be covered. If there is time, we will cover the most popular topics

*Free DD report & checklist template



7.    Post M&A –  All’s well that ends well?

·       Consolidation

·       Change management

·       Organizational development

·       Dealing with shareholders

·       Succession planning for key appointment holders


8.   CoAggregation®



*Venue to be advised closer to the event


Yang Yen Thaw

Yang Yen Thaw is the Managing Director of 2iB Partners and is a lawyer by training for 25 years with experience in management and some modicum in finance. He has worked on listed companies, PE/VC, international M&As in countries including Australia, China, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA and most South East Asian countries. His wide experience in different sectors brings innovation to the industry he is involved with.

On legal matters, he serves as special in-house counsel. He is a regular speaker and moderator in live sessions.




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